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Revised as of April 26, 2006


Section 1:        Amendments:  The By-Laws maybe amended by a two-thirds vote in accordance with Article X, Section 1 of the Constitution. 

Section 2:        CIF Rules:  Unless otherwise specified herein, the CIF regulations shall govern. 

Section 3:         League Dues:  Assessment of League dues will be divided equally among all member schools.  The assessment will be based upon a budget adopted by the Council. 

Section 4:         CIF Playoffs:  The Marmonte League is a member of the playoff section asdesignated by the CIF. 

Section 5:        Playoff Representatives: The League Playoff Representatives will be determined in accordance with the rules governing the particular sport within this set of By-Laws. 

Section 6:         Admission Procedures and Prices

A.           Single Lower Level Games

a.      General Admission                             $3.00

b.      Home Students                              Set by school

c.      Visiting Students                                 $3.00

d.      Children under 12 (with adult)            $2.00

e.      Children under 5 (with adult)               Free 

B.           Varsity Games/ Multiple Games   

a.      General Admission                             $6.00

b.      Home Students                               Set by school

c.      Visiting Students                                  $6.00

d.      Children under 12 (with adult)             $3.00

e.   Children under 5 (with adult)                Free 

C.          Football (only)

                                 a. General Admission                               $7.00

                                 b. Home Students                                  Set by school

                                 c. Visiting Students                                   $7.00

                                 d. Children under 12 (with adult)              $4.00

                                 e. Children under 5 (with adult)                 Free

                         D.    Senior Citizens 

Seniors (62 or older) with proper ID and without a Marmonte League citizen pass will be admitted to all Marmonte League contests.                                         

Section 7:         Gate Receipts:  Each school shall keep its gate for home events and pay all expenses unless a different arrangement can be mutually agreed upon. 

Section 8:        League Passes:  Passes are to be issued by the League Secretary, through the Principal of each school.  Passes are to be inspected, not collected, at the gate.  A standard League Pass and Senior Citizen Pass will be issued by the League, printed at League expense, and distributed
on the basis of requests by schools.  In addition to the Marmonte League and Senior Citizen Pass, League schools shall also honor the following passes:  CIF, CIF Media, all valid media passes, and visiting high school Staff passes.  The Marmonte League will recognize the gold card issued by the Channel Coast Association honoring Officials with 25 years of service, for admission to League events.

Section 9:         Band and Cheerleaders:  Band members, cheerleaders, drill teams and song leaders in uniform of competing schools shall be admitted to League contests without charge.  Refer to individual sports for exceptions. 

Section 10:       Bonfire Rallies:  There shall be no bonfire rallies. 

Section 11:      Scores:  Each school is to report all varsity scores to the League Coordinator.  Each school is also responsible for reporting all wins/losses of lower level games to the League Coordinator. 

Section 12:      Scouting Regulations:  League schools will not send video tape or scouting reports to the opposition during playoff games without the approval of the coaches involved. **See Football By-Laws for specific regulations on football filming**. 

Section 13:       Media Coverage:  Each school has the right to enter into media coverage agreements of their own construction.  It is mandatory that the visiting school be notified at least one week in advance. 

Section 14:    Scheduling and Hosting All League Voting Meetings:  The following schools are responsible for scheduling sports and hosting All-League voting meetings: 

Boys Athletics                                               Girls Athletics

Cross Country          Thousand Oaks       Cross Country             Thousand Oaks

Tennis                        Westlake                    Tennis                          Westlake

Water Polo                Agoura                       Water Polo                   Agoura

Basketball                 Newbury Park           Basketball                    Newbury Park

Soccer                       Calabasas                 Soccer                         Calabasas

Swimming                 Agoura                       Swimming                    Agoura

Boys Athletics                                               Girls Athletics

Track                          Moorpark                   Track                             Moorpark

Volleyball                   Royal                          Volleyball                      Royal

Baseball                    Simi Valley                Softball                          Thousand Oaks

Golf                             Westlake                    Golf                               Westlake

Football                      Simi Valley

Wrestling                   Simi Valley 

Section 15:       Hosting League Tournaments:

The following schools are responsible for hosting the League Tournaments:

               Cross Country                Agoura                    Swimming        Royal

               Boys/Girls Tennis          Westlake                 Wrestling          Simi Valley

Track:  League Track and Field prelims and finals will be held at
either Royal or Moorpark on an alternate year basis.           

A meeting will be called on the evening of the first Monday following the last League contest for the purpose of selecting All-League teams.  The meeting will be the responsibility of the school scheduling that particular sport.

 Guidelines for profit-sharing for League sponsored events: 

a.            Prior approval of the sale of souvenirs (programs, buttons, pins, etc.) must be obtained by the League.

b.            Any profits accrued from the sale of souvenir items shall be divided among League schools.

c.            No school shall be permitted to sell souvenir items representative of only one school at preliminary and final League events.

d.            Host schools shall be permitted to keep all profit generated from the sale of concession items (food, drink and T-shirts).

Section 16:    All student athletes shall wear school approved uniforms and equipment in all athletic competitions.  Individual alterations or logos representing other teams or organizations are prohibited.

Section 17:    All postponed Athletic contests, excluding Baseball, must be made up at the earliest mutually agreed upon date.  If all schools involved can not mutually agree on a date, then the League President will render a decision.

Section 18:    All Marmonte League contests shall be suspended that do no meet the National Federation High School minimum standards for the length of a contest.  All contests shall be continued at the earliest mutually agreed time and date. 


Section 1:         The following are official League sports in which League Championships will be determined:

                           BOYS SPORTS

                           Cross Country:                  Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                           Football:                             Varsity, Sophomore, Freshmen

                           Water Polo:                        Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                           Basketball:                         Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph, Freshmen

                           Soccer:                               Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                           Wrestling:                            Varsity, Junior Varsity

                        Baseball:                             Varsity, Junior Varsity, Freshmen

                        Golf:                                     Varsity

                        Swimming/Diving:              Varsity, Junior Varsity

                           Tennis:                                 Varsity, Junior Varsity

                           Track and Field:                  Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                        Volleyball:                            Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph



                           Cross Country:                   Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                        Tennis:                                Varsity, Junior Varsity

                           Volleyball:                           Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                        Basketball:                          Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                        Soccer:                                Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                           Water Polo:                         Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                           Softball:                                Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph

                           Swimming/Diving:               Varsity, Junior Varsity

                           Track and Field:                  Varsity, Junior Varsity

                        Golf:                                      Varsity

Section 2:         Deletion or Addition of a Sport:  Official League sports may be added or dropped upon a majority vote by the members present provided that a notice of proposal was given at the preceding regular Council meeting, or sent in writing to each school at least one month in advance of the meeting at which the proposal is to be considered.  (This procedure is designed to allow time for school districts to consider the advisability of adding or dropping a sport in advance of the vote).

Section 3:         Dates for Change:  The effective date for the addition or deletion of a sport shall be set by the Council, at the time action is taken.

Section 4:         Official Recognition:  Schools may engage in other sports or field additional teams, but no official League Championship, scheduling, or recognition shall be granted to other than official League sports.

Section 5:         Rights of Schools to Participate:  Schools may decline to take part in a given sport if they have inadequate participation supervision, supplies, equipment, or facilities.  No school shall field a lower division team in any sport unless they also field a varsity team.

Section 6:         Determination of League Championships:

League championships shall be determined on a percentage basis of won-lost games in the following:   Football, Basketball, Tennis, Water Polo, Soccer, Wrestling, Baseball, Volleyball, and Softball.

League championships shall be determined by a combination of dual meet standings and final League meet standings in the following:   Cross Country, Swimming/Diving, Track and Field, Golf.

For dual meets, points are allocated on the basis of won-lost dual meet records:  1 point = First Place,
2 points = Second Place.

For League Final meets another set of points will be awarded based on final standings, with first place equal to 1 point, second place equal to 2 points, etc.  The team with the lowest cumulative total points shall be declared the League Champion.  Teams tied for lowest points shall be declared co-champions.  In case of a tie in either dual meet or final League meet standings, the two places
shall be totaled and then divided equally (i.e. two teams tied for first- total of first and second is three divided by two equals one and a half points each.)


                                    Dual Meet      League Meet             Total              League

            Team                 Place                Place                     Points             Place


               A                     First                   First                          2                     1st

               B                     Second             Third                         5                     2nd

               C                     Third                  Fourth                      7                     4th

               D                     Fourth               Second                    6                     3rd 

In Cross Country, the three teams finishing first, second, and third in the League Final meet shall be the CIF playoff representatives. 

Section 7:         The Marmonte League shall require that both schools have an administrator or designee present at all varsity football and boys’ varsity basketball games, and that the visiting administrator shall be obligated to seek out the home school administrator or before the contest and identify himself/herself.  A home school administrator or designee will be present at all varsity girls’ basketball, wrestling, and boys’ and girls’ volleyball, and boys’ and girls’ soccer contests.  At football games whenever possible a visiting administrator will be a radio to contact home school staff. In all cases administrators from each school will establish procedures for communication with each other.  At all other contests the visiting school has the right to decide if a significant number of spectators will be present to necessitate the presence of an administrator.

                           The home school is responsible for all facilities and security of those facilities.  The visiting coach or responsible adult will remain with his/her team until they are out of the locker room.  The home school will have an administrator or representative to make sure the visiting teams have no problem boarding the bus or exiting the home campus.

                           The home school shall issue field passes to the visiting school administrators at all varsity football games.  All persons on each sideline who are not players or coaches will be required to have a visible field pass.  Each school must designate a person responsible to supervise.

                           The visiting school sophomore football team shall be supervised during the varsity game.  Visiting varsity teams shall dress and shower at home whenever possible.

                        The following procedures have been adopted by the League:  Girls’ teams with male coaches will not shower following away contests.  No managers or team members will be permitted access to locker rooms unless accompanied by a coach.  Visiting coaches will be requested to be on board their team
bus with all athletes, twenty minutes after the conclusion of their contest.

Section 8:         Police Requirements:  Every school shall take the responsibility of informing by letter to the visiting school, what the security arrangements are for varsity football and basketball games, prior to the beginning of the season.  Visiting teams shall be notified of all special arrangements and expectations
of the visiting school.  At football games, at least one visible supervisor shall be assigned to the visiting side, and the visiting administrator shall be made aware of the presence and whereabouts of this person. 

Section 9:         Resolving Ties:

A.           In the case of a tie between two or more teams for a championship, the teams so involved shall be considered co-champions.

B.           Unless specified under the individual sport by-laws, the following will occur:  In the case of a tie for the League championship, or any other position, the team that won both games between one another shall be the designee for the highest playoff seed.

Any team under CIF or League sanction, and /or any team not meeting the CIF minimum requirement that would otherwise be considered in this tie resolving system shall not be nominated by the League for a playoff spot.

C.          In the case of multiple ties for the League championship or any other position, the team having the best league record against those teams involved in the tie shall be the highest seed into the playoffs.

The above steps should be used and reused to resolve ties.  In cases where “head to head” competition does not break a tie, then proceed to step D.

D.          In the case of ties not resolved in step C, the “points for win” system is the next alternative.  The team finishing first in the League shall be accorded a point value equal to the total number of teams competing in that sport.  The team finishing last shall be accorded a point value of “1” and all other teams shall be given point according to their standing.  When two or more
teams tie for a position, the points for those positions shall be totaled and divided by the number of teams tied.  Each of the tied teams shall be accorded a number.  Teams will acquire a point total by adding to their point values accorded the teams they have defeated and one-half the
point value of teams they have tied.  (If two or more teams have the same points and are still tied, then proceed to step E.)

E.         A coin flip would be the last alternative to determine CIF playoff seeds. 

Section 10:           In all Marmonte League Contests, only Marmonte League schools are eligible to participate. 


Section 1:         Appointment and Remuneration:  The assignment Secretary/Liaison shall be appointed annually by the CIF-SS.  The League may give input to the CIF-SS as to who they would encourage to hold this position, however the League in not given the opportunity to hire/fire this person.

Section 2:         The Secretary/Liaison shall appoint officials for all League contests.

Section 3:         The Secretary/Liaison shall appoint the officials for all League contests and will use their own judgment in making assignments, however, the Principal or Superintendent reserves the right to refuse any given official.

Section 4          Pay of Officials:  Each school will pay officials according to the current CIF blue book payment schedule.


Section 1:         Classification of athletes in sports
(unless otherwise noted in a sport specific by-law):

                           VARSITY                      Eligible 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade students

                           JUNIOR VARSITY      Eligible 9th, 10th, 11th, grade students

                        FROSH/SOPH            Eligible 9th and 10th grade students

                           SOPHOMORE             Eligible 9th an 10th grade students

                        FRESHMEN                Eligible 9th grade students 


Section 1:         CIF Rules:  The current CIF-SS blue book policies/penalties for eligibility will be followed.

Section 2:       Royal and Simi Valley High Schools are allowed to grant athletic eligibility for the 2006-2007
school year to Santa Susana students under the following provisions:

1)     Students were 11th graders during the 200-5-2006 school year.

2)     They competed in a sport at Royal or Simi Valley High School
during the 2005-2006 school year.

Effective the start of the 2007-2008 school year, all students who compete for a Marmonte League school must be included on the ADH at that school.


Section 1:     Championship Awards:  The League will purchase and award a suitable engraved plaque designating the receiving school as champion in that sport.  In the event of a tie, co-championships will be designated, and duplicate plaques will be awarded.

Section 2:         All-League Awards:  The League will elect All-League teams voted on by the coaches for the varsity teams in football, boys/girls basketball, baseball, boys/girls volleyball, softball, boys/girls soccer, boys/girls water polo, and boys/girls tennis.

                        The following general guidelines shall be used:

A.           A meeting of all head coaches will be called at the conclusion of each of the seasons, prior to the CIF playoff.  Information for the teams selected should be released for publication as soon as all League schools are eliminated from the playoffs in that sport.  The school assigned the
responsibility for scheduling the sport will call the meeting.  The meeting is to be held on the Monday following the last League contest.

B.           Those coaches present will nominate their choices.

C.          A majority vote will determine the players selected.  Coaches will discuss all-league selection process and format at their annual pre-season meeting hosted by the League President School.

D.          The League will award an appropriate certificate to each recipient.

E.           An “Outstanding Player(s) of the Year” will be selected.  This honor will be noted by the League and so noted on the Individual’s certificate.  This player will not occupy a berth on the First or Second All-League team.

F.           Coaches will only be allowed to vote for their own school’s player in “Outstanding Player of the Year” type categories, and not for the First and Second Teams. 

Section 3:         All League Certificates: All-League Certificates will be awarded as follows: 

                           Cross Country                The first seven places in each division. 

                        Wrestling                        The first three places in each of the 14 weight classes in varsity. 

Track and Field              The first three places in each event in each division, with first place only for
members of relay teams.

Swimming/Diving          The first three places in each event in each division, with first place only for
members of relay teams.

                           Golf                                  The first six places in the League Individuals tournament. 


At the conclusion of each sport season each school will submit a ranking of seven Marmonte League schools (excluding its own), awarding seven points to the top ranking school and one point to the bottom school.  This ranking will reflect how well each school has met the letter and spirit of the sportsmanship guidelines in the League Constitution.  Each school may use the input of coaches, administrators, players, ASB officers, pep squads, etc., in whatever
manner it sees fit.  However, only one final ballot will be accepted from each school.

The top school in each season will be announced at the League meeting and awarded the League’s Sportsmanship banner for that season of sport.  At the end of the spring season, the three ratings will be combined and the school with the highest score will be designated to receive the Adohr Farm/Los Angeles Dodgers Sportsmanship Trophy. 

In addition to the seventeen items following, schools should be judged on the number of students in attendance at contests.  Also, criteria for sportsmanship should be applied to all League athletic contests at the varsity and lower levels, in both boys and girl’s contests. 

All schools should publicize the sportsmanship competition and use this opportunity to promote sportsmanship among all of our students. 

Section 1:         Sportsmanship:  Each member school should take steps to ensure that its student body is aware of the value and need of good sportsmanship.  The guidelines set down in Section 2, along with the rules of “Pursuing Victory with Honor” will ensure this.

Section 2:         Guidelines for Good Sportsmanship:

A.           Fans should refrain from booing or other un-sportsmanlike conduct.

B.           Cheerleaders, fans, and students should continue in good spirit to support the team throughout the game.

C.          Student cheering sections should give the impression of being well organized and behaved. 

D.          Student cheering sections are to remain on their own team side.  Students will not be allowed to move from bench to bench, or sit behind the opposing team.

E.           Fans should reflect an attitude of friendly, sportsmanlike competition to opponents.

F.           Fans should show respect for property by avoiding vandalism, theft, or defacement.

G.          Fans should disperse in an orderly manner, and maintain a sportsmanlike attitude in doing so.

H.          Fans should show respect for the officials and accept their decisions as final.

I.              Fans should yell at appropriate times, with courtesy to others.

J.            Fans should refrain from making personal remarks to opposing players or spectators.

K.           Players on the bench should exhibit good sportsmanship.

L.            The coach should attempt to encourage good team behavior by word and example.

M.          Team members should be good sports, win or lose.

N.          Team members should show a sincere desire to adhere to rules and the spirit of the rules.

O.          Each host school will make every effort to accommodate the visiting teams providing a friendly and secure field, court, or facility.

Section 3:          Signs or Posters:  Must be approved by the administration of the school concerned.
























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