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Revised as of April 26, 2006


Section 1:         This organization shall be known as the Marmonte League of the California Interscholastic Federation, Southern Section.


Section 1:         The purpose of this organization shall be: 

A.           To direct and control all interscholastic athletic programs of the high schools of the League. 

B.           To maintain standards as prescribed by the CIF-SS. 

C.          To cultivate good standards of sportsmanship and friendly relations among the League schools. 


Section 1:         The governing body of this organization shall be known as the Marmonte League Council. It shall
consist of a principal and authorized designee(s) from each member school.  Should any
school principal be unable to attend a Council meeting, he/she may delegate his/her responsibility
to another member of his/her school.

 Section 2:        Each school shall be entitled to one vote on each question brought before the Council for decision. 
The principal or authorized delegate shall cast the   vote for each school.  In the event of a tie vote,
the motion is lost.

 Section 3:        Any decision of the Council may be appealed to the CIF-SS. 

Section 4:         A quorum of the Council shall consist of representatives from a majority of the schools in the League. 


Section 1:         The officers of the Marmonte League Council shall consist of the following:  President; Vice-President; Secretary-Treasurer; League Representative to the CIF-SS Council; and Coordinator or the CIF-SS.  The President and Vice President shall be administrators.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be the Athletic Director at the same school as the President.  The Vice-President shall be from the next school of rotation. 

Section 2:         Election: The officers of the Council are to be selected annually at the last regular meeting in May. 

Section 3:         Duties: 

A.           The President shall preside at meetings and call special meetings. 

B.           The Vice President shall assume all duties of the President in his/her absence. 

C.          The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep and distribute the minutes of the meetings; send out
the agenda; care for correspondence; keep records of the League championships; and record
all receipts and disbursements of funds.

D.          The League Representative and the Coordinator shall represent the League in accordance
with the CIF-SS Constitution and By-Laws.

E.           Rotation of the Presidency shall be by alphabetical order.  Any new school entering shall go
in proper alphabetical order.  The League Coordinator shall act in accordance for each year,
and his/her spot will be skipped as President.

a.      Agoura

b.      Calabasas

c.      Moorpark

d.      Newbury Park

e.      Royal

f.        Simi Valley

g.      Thousand Oaks

h.     Westlake 

Section 4:         Term of Office:  The customary term of office for each officer is one year (June 1 to May 31).  No
elected officer of the League shall serve more than two consecutive years in any one office, except the League Representative and coordinator to the CIF-SS, who may be continued in office annually at the will of this Council. 


Section 1:         Roberts Rules of Order for Parliamentary Procedure shall be used to conduct meetings. 

Section 2:         There shall be eight regular meetings during the school year:  September, October, November,
January, February, March, April, and May.  The League President shall establish the dates at the
first meeting each year.  League A.D.’s will meet prior to the regular League meetings to discuss
the upcoming agenda items. 

Section 3:         The President of the League may call Special meetings at any time.  Notification of the time, place,
and purpose of the meeting shall be given in writing at least one week in advance, or shorter notice if a majority of the schools of the League agree. 

Section 4:         Copies of the minutes of League meetings are to be mailed to each Superintendent, Principal,
and Athletic Director, to the CIF-SS office and the area assigner. 


Section 1:         The Council shall specify the official League sports in which championships shall be determined. 


Section 1:         Schedules shall be approved for all sports in which there are League Championships. 

Section 2:         Athletic Directors are responsible for drawing up all schedules. 

Section 3:         The Council must approve League schedules before becoming official.  Changes in playing dates must be approved by the League (except for contests rescheduled because of rain or natural disasters, by League adopted rain-out/natural disaster procedure).  Changes in times of contests may be established by mutual agreement between schools.  Only the Athletic Directors/Principals may approve time changes. 


 Section 1:            Protest on the outcome of a contest may be only on the basis of an alleged misinterpretation of CIF, National Federation, or Marmonte League Rules.  When possible the game official shall be informed at the conclusion of the game that the result will be protested.  The Principal of the protesting school with the President of the League must file a protest in writing not later than one week after the cause for protest is discovered.  Before filing, the Principal of the protesting school, or his/her representative, shall notify the Principal of the opposing school of the action to be taken, and file with said Principal a statement of the points upon which the protest is based.  Failure to make such notification or file such statement shall nullify the protest.

The League President shall appoint a committee from three schools not directly involved in the protest to meet within three school days to study the matter and make recommendations to the League.  The Commissioner of Officials or his/her representative shall be present.  The recommendations are to be made at a special meeting of all League Schools called by the President.  If the protest is allowed, the game will continue from the point of the protest to it’s completion on the same field on which the original contest took place.  The Ventura County Officials Association shall supply officials for the continued or protested game.

Section 2:            Any school will have the right to appeal the decision of the League.  It would be expected that the school making the appeal would seek to restrict all comment on the question to the appropriate appeal bodies until the deliberations are completed. 


Section 1:            Schools that violate the Marmonte League Constitution or By-Laws, and which have had protest filed against them in accordance with the Constitution, may be recommended to the CIF-SS for suspension upon unanimous decision of the voting council.  The school name in the protest shall not vote. 


Section 1:            The Constitution and By-Laws of the League may be amended at any regular meeting of this League by a two-thirds vote of the members present, providing a notice of such amendment shall have been sent to all members of the Council five calendar days in advance, but such amendments shall not be in effect for a period of ninety days after passage, except by unanimous consent of all schools present and voting
























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