Marmonte League
Gymnasium Fan Management Guidelines

(These guidelines are a compendium of the efforts being made throughout the league by administration and athletic staff to better control student cheering sections at basketball games.)

1.    Promote behavior expectations to students

a.    Have students sign a conduct agreement before the season.

b.    Meet and discuss prior to the beginning of the season proper, acceptable behavior for student cheering sections.  Students should be reminded to support their team without deriding or making personal attacks towards their guests.

c.     Have public address announcer promote sportsmanship as part of event and player introductions. 

2.    Logistically place student cheering sections within the gymnasium

a.    Keep home group on opposite side of gym directly across from the home bench

b.    Place visiting group behind visiting team bench diagonally opposite home group

c.     Keep the first(bottom) row or two of the bleachers free of students with the exception of uniformed cheerleaders

d.    Under no circumstances should an opposing team’s cheering section be placed behind an other teams’ bench 

3.    Supervise student cheering sections during and following the event  

a.    Place supervising administrators/designees adjacent to the student cheering section

b.    Hire/assign additional personnel to supervise student cheering sections

c.     Place supervisors in all four corners of the gymnasium

d.    Keep administrators on the gymnasium floor during the after-game handshake

e.    Remain vigilant to fans and students and supervise them as they exit the gymnasium

f.       Encourage a swift exit at the conclusion of the game

g.    Escort visiting team to locker room following the game

h.    Whenever possible, establish an exit route for the visiting teams from the locker room to their transportation to avoid the lingering fans

i.        Enlist cheerleader involvement with student cheering section

j.        Select a student “Captain” to lead the cheering section 

4.    Hold students responsible for inappropriate behavior at events

a.    Remove offending students from the event

b.    Restrict entrance to future gymnasium activities/events

c.     Consistently follow the school-established student contract regarding student behavior as spectators at sporting events 
























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